Solid Hardwood

solid hardwood

What is Solid Hardwood Flooring?

Solid hardwood, also known as natural hardwood or true hardwood flooring, is a term used to distinguish ordinary wood flooring from engineered products. All solid hardwood products are 100% wood, meaning there aren’t any extra layers added to the product.

A solid wood floor is a heavily sought after home improvement by many homeowners across the nation. Natural wood has high resale value and offers a strikingly beautiful look that other types of flooring can’t.

Hardwood planks are typically ¾” thick, but they do come in different widths. You’ll find solid hardwood flooring in many different designs with unique characteristics including:

  • Knotted
  • Hand Scraped
  • Smooth Traditional
  • Distressed

If you are unsure if a hardwood product you want is actual solid wood, make sure to ask your local flooring dealer. Also check to see if you notice a layer of hardwood veneer in between the product. If you see it, the product is engineered hardwood flooring.

Get Solid Hardwood Flooring Installed Today!

We’re not going to lie, natural hardwood floors can get a little pricey. While that may be true, it’s completely worth the investment in the present and the long run.

If you ever plan on selling your home in the future, a solid hardwood floor will boost your home’s resale value by a ton. You’ll make your money back no problem at all.

If a true hardwood floor is something that you’re interested in getting installed in your home, There’s not better place to shop at than The Carpet Guys

We carry some of the best brands of hardwood flooring like Mohawk and Sierra Tahoe. With The Carpet Guys at you side, you’ll get no less than the best. Our products come in multiple colors and styles, so we’re sure to find one that will match perfectly with any home scheme you have.

Give The Carpet Guys a call to get a free in-home estimate set up today. We’ll bring tons of true hardwood samples to your home at a time that is most convenient to you.

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