Looped Carpet

looped carpet

What is Looped Carpet?

A looped style carpet is exactly what it sounds like; a carpet with a looped style fiber make-up. When carpeting is created, the fibers start out looped. Instead of cutting the fibers to create other styles, leaving them in loops gets you a looped carpet.

Looped carpet popularity was scarce until Berber started flooding the flooring scene. With the newer constructions manufacturers can use now, we see larger loops, multi-leveled loops, and higher performances from these types of carpet.

You’ll find looped carpeting in many different patterns including:

  • Diamonds
  • Checkered
  • Squares
  • Plant Designs

Different Looped Pile Carpet Types

In the looped carpet family, there are four distinct types you’ll find. These types of looped carpeting include:

  • Multi-Level Loop – A varying level loop carpet that sports dramatic height differences. Deep, easily seen patterns are created by this varying method whether the colors have been enhanced or not.
  • Textured Loop – Incorporates slightly different loop styles than the other two loop carpet types. Fiber colors can change and complement visible patterns.
  • Level Loop – A strong carpet selection for commercial environments as well as residential. These loops are tightly wound and designed to withstand high foot-traffic.
  • Cut Loop – This style is created when some of the fibers are cut out of their looped format and others are kept in loops. You’ll get a very interesting underfoot feel with this one.

As patterned carpeting has seen a rise in popularity as of late, a stylish looped carpet is sure to satisfy your designer’s appetite. It’ll also be the perfect eye candy that will capture the attention of your visitors.

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