Frieze Carpet

frieze carpet

What is Frieze Carpet?

Frieze carpet offers a flair and personality like no other carpet type in the industry. It’s twisted fiber tufts display an off-the-cuff casual look that pairs well with any decoration.

Frieze carpeting has consistently grown in popularity for the last twenty years and remains one of the most purchased carpet styles to this day.

Finding the best frieze carpet for you involves selecting the right texture, look, and feel you desire.

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

One of the best features of frieze is that its a very durable carpet. It holds up in areas of high traffic, making it a perfect carpet selection for living rooms and bedrooms. Frieze is also simple to maintain. As long as its properly maintained, it can last past fifteen years.

Frieze is in high demand primarily because it’s great at hiding footprints and vacuum marks. Pair with a tight twist rate, foot traffic won’t ruin the quality and look of the carpet, so it stays looking fresh.

Most of Frieze’s color pallet is neutral tones. A neutral frieze carpet can mesh well with any design scheme your home has. If the carpet is a darker color like brown or gray, any stains from accidents caused by pets and children are hidden well.

If you are looking into having frieze carpet installed, you’ll need a professional carpet installer to complete the project completely to get the best out of your carpeting. For all your carpet installation needs, The Carpet Guys are here to help.

With years of knowledge and experience in the flooring industry, we are confident that your new frieze carpet installation with be of the highest expertise.

Take the time to schedule a free in-home estimate via our website or by phone and you will be on your way to getting new frieze carpet installed in your home. The benefits frieze carpeting has to offer can be yours for the taking. A new casual comfort for your home is only a click or a phone call away.

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