Berber Carpet

berber carpet

What is Berber Carpet?

Berber carpet, also known as California Berber carpet, is a versatile style of carpeting that works well with many different home designs. It’s a popular choice for homeowners looking for a hard-wearing and durable type of carpet.

Most Berber carpets come in earth-toned flecked colors, particularly in darker shades such as brown and grey. This refers to the style of weaving originally done by the Berber tribes in Africa. In recent years, manufacturers are getting a little more creative with their color palette, resulting in confetti and cotton candy colored Berbers.

Price wise, Berber carpet costs tend to be a little less expensive than the other styles of carpeting, increasing its demand amongst many homeowners. If you’re willing to get a slightly less softer carpet like your plushes and friezes, you’ll get a high-quality carpet for a more than affordable price.

Along with its exceptional durability and ability to hide most soil intrusion and stains, Berber truly offers more bang for your buck than your more luxurious carpet styles.

Berber Carpet Benefits

Berber carpeting has many more benefits to offer alongside with its budget-friendly prices such as:

  • Easy Maintenance – Cleaning up spills and stains that come into contact with your Berber carpet is quite easy to do.
  • Stain and Soil Masking – With its darker flecked color schemes, Berber carpet hides any stains or dirt that gets past your maintenance routine.
  • Wear Resistance – Berber is a hardy carpet style allowing it to stand up to some of life’s toughest heavy foot-traffic battles.
  • Vacuum Mark Proof – Since Berber is made up of tightly-wound loops, vacuum marks won’t show up. This also applies to footprint and furniture leg marks.

If Berber carpet is a style you’d like to have installed in your home, The Carpet Guys have the knowledge and experience needed to help you find the perfect fit. With years of design experience behind us, choosing a color and style is super easy.

Give The Carpet Guys a call today and schedule a free in-home carpet estimate. We’ll get the best Berber carpet installed in your home before you know it.

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